Research with People in Mind

Clinical research powered by unprecedented licensure

At SPI, we focus on people first by ensuring that our research seeks the best outcomes for people suffering from life altering ailments. Our research division is the only CRO with the licenses and expertise required to conduct research on Schedule 1 drugs and beyond. The in-vivo pharmacology services and solutions we provide deliver measurably high value while moving drugs forward quickly to clinic. With a process-driven focus on behavioral observation and measurement, our team of experts can realign approved drugs towards new indications.

What Makes SPI Different?

Today’s Research. Tomorrow’s Solutions.

Unprecedented Licensure

With unique licensure and partnerships, SPI can fully test all strains and extract compositions available in hemp and marijuana.

Efficient Focus

Our focus on the central and peripheral nervous systems allows us to determine the best courses of action without wasting time on distractions.

Expedited Time to Market

Our efficiency, team of experts, and capacities enable us to get products to market quickly. On average, we have the ability to move products forward in as little as nine months vs. the traditional standard of 6–10 years.

Optimized Facilities

Our facilities are custom built for optimal neuroscience research. We can compare our research results side by side with products currently on the market through a clinically relevant process.

Clinically Relevant Testing

We use clinically relevant, validated tests to aid in creating precisely-defined and designed products that target a variety of ailments while emphasizing better results.

Comprehensive Research Analytics

 The results of our comprehensive research analytics meet the high standards used and required in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, we can provide in-depth information to clients and the people they seek to help.

Value in Integration Research Analytics

Strategic Pharma’s utilization of our data driven science provides a personalized medicinal approach for drug discoveries in the industrial hemp and cannabidiol markets.



The SPI Team

Christopher Meredith, EdD

Christopher Meredith, EdD


Christopher M. Meredith is a successful executive, entrepreneur and decorated military veteran with 20 years of experience leading public and private equity initiatives.

Dan Menard, PhD, PsyT

Dan Menard, PhD, PsyT

Executive Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Menard has many years of operational experience in pre-clinical and early stage clinical development and has an extensive background in hands-on drug development, operations, research, and clinical experience.

Kirsten Raehal, PhD

Kirsten Raehal, PhD

Senior Scientist

Dr. Raehal is an in-vivo neuropharmacologist with a scientific background in the areas of pain and drugs of abuse.

Andy Cooke, PhD

Andy Cooke, PhD

Senior Director of Scientific Operations

Dr. Cooke has many years of experience in working closely with in-vivo pharmacology and managing live phase work.

James Baumgartner

James Baumgartner

Chief Operating Officer

James Baumgartner is an executive professional with over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and development.

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